About Spiritist Day of Service

Join fellow Spiritists throughout the world in rolling up our sleeves and giving back to our communities!

As we grow in spiritual understanding, we begin to realize we are all connected -- and that our neighbor's challenge today could be our own tomorrow.

We also learn our actions have a great impact in our world -- and that it is in our power to make a difference. 

The Spiritist Day of Service aims to connect the two: to bring together what we know with what we can do in order to create a lasting positive impact in the world. 


Will you join us in making this world a better place by volunteering on the first weekend of December?

You can choose an activity, any organization, or effort you like to volunteer with. You can also join local efforts already in place and get to know new people! Your impact, your choice. What is important is that you volunteer -- and become the change you want to see in the world.  

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